Mission Critical Facilities, Data Centers, Technology Spaces and Electronic Equipment
ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.9


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TC0909 Winter Virtual Meeting Agenda 20210118 19

Upcoming TC Meetings

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Location: Chicago, IL
Monday, 1/18/2021  

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EST) - Virtual Winter Program, Handbook, and Research Meeting


Tuesday, 1/19/2021


10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (EST) - Virtual Winter Main Committee Meeting


TC 9.9 sponsored seminars, conference paper session, data center related topics, etc. will be posted for each conference in the Meetings section of this website.



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Committee Chair

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Dustin Demetriou TC0909@ashrae.net

Committee Scope

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TC 9.9 is concerned with all aspects of mission critical facilities, data centers, technology spaces, and electronic equipment/systems.


Upcoming Society Conferences

ASHRAE Virtual Conference
February 9-11, 2021

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Latest TC Activities

If you would like to get involved in this TC's activities you can contact the appropriate Point of Contact in the TC 9.9 Work Items listing, attend the biannual meetings, or contact our committee chair at tc0909@ashrae.net.  In addition to this website, visit our LinkedIn page and follow us!

New!  Edge Computing: Considerations for Reliable Operation Technical Bulletin

This technical bulletin highlights the environmental and reliability challenges of edge data centers and the design and maintenance challenges of these data centers that are surrounded by semi-controlled or even uncontrolled external environments.  You can find this bulletin here along with other TC 9.9 publications.


ASHRAE TC 9.9 Summer Virtual Meeting Information

Look for all the presentations for the upcoming TC 9.9 virtual meeting which was held on Monday, July 13, 10AM-1PM EDT.  Click Here for the 2020 Summer Virtual Meeting Presentation

All presentations can also be found under "Presentations" in the Documents section of this website.


ASHRAE TC 9.9 Handbook Chapter 20 Review Request

The ASHRAE Handbook Committee would like to collect feedback on major topics that might be revised in the 2023 update of Chapter 20 in the HVAC Applications Handbook. For those interested, TC 9.9 is requesting a review of Chapter 20 and an indication of topics that should be considered for revision. 
To provide feedback, please review the chapter and complete the chapter review form. Please return it directly to the TC 9.9 Handbook Chair, Bob McFarlane at "rmcfarlane at smwllc.com". We are requesting feedback by February 24, 2020.  


Orlando ASHRAE TC 9.9 Presentations

2020 Orlando Programs Update

This presentation can also be found under "Presentations" in the Documents section of this website.

Data Center and IT Equipment Design Guidance from ASHRAE TC 9.9 for Engineers, IT Professionals, and Facility Staff 

ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.9 will present design guidance for Engineers, IT Professionals and Facility Staff at a one day educational course in Lisbon on November 20, 2019.  It is the first time ASHRAE’s full day design course has been presented in Europe. The new ASHRAE course explains how IT services that are lower cost, more energy efficient, provide more storage, and offer more computing capabilities impact operating conditions with a focus on ASHRAE’s evolving thermal guidelines for data processing environments. The course targets facility managers and IT professionals responsible for data center operation, executives and engineers who offer data center services to clients, suppliers and sales engineers whose equipment is used to cool data center spaces, and engineers who work on projects requiring ASHRAE TC 9.9 design specifications.
More information and registration is available at: www.ashrae.org/datacentertraining

ASHRAE TC 9.9 Hard Disk Drive Performance Degradation Susceptibility to Acoustics White Paper

This white paper serves to educate the data center community on the risks to hard disk drive (HDD) throughput performance from acoustics created by AMDs running at high speeds to adequately cool components within the racks. The methods used to optimize data center total cost of ownership (TCO) need to include these performance risks that can impact customer applications.


Kansas City ASHRAE TC 9.9 Presentations

2019 Kansas City Programs Update

2019 Kansas City Applications Handbook Presentation

These presentations can also be found under "Presentations" in the Documents section of this website.

ASHRAE TC 9.9 Water-Cooled Servers White Paper

TC 9.9 has released a new white paper entitled "Water-Cooled Servers: Common Designs, Components, and Processes." With more water-cooled IT products arriving in the marketplace, TC 9.9 felt the need to outline some of the common processes, parts, and materials for focus in use for future water-cooled designs. This white paper also corrects misunderstandings in the latest edition of Liquid Cooling Guidelines for Datacom Equipment Centers, and provides guidance for avoiding common mistakes based upon the book’s content. Much of the content in this white paper will be incorporated into a future third edition. 


ASHRAE TC 9.9 Liquid Cooling White Paper

TC 9.9 has released a new white paper entitled "The Advancement of Liquid Cooling Solutions: The Perfect Storm Brewing" which addresses the growing trend of liquid cooling solutions in the data center. This brief is a window into a more comprehensive TC 9.9 white paper to be released later this year.

ASHRAE TC 9.9 Overview Presentation

As committed at the Orlando meeting, the overview presentation for TC 9.9 has been updated and is now available on this site.  This overview can be used by members to understand what TC 9.9 does and the resources available from TC 9.9.  Please consider this as ASHRAE’s material and always follow appropriate use considerations.


TC 9.9 Approved Definitions for Data Centers, ITE, and ITE Enclosures

TC 9.9 is recognized as a leader in driving the data center environmental knowledge and best practices in the industry. At the ASHRAE Annual Meeting in Orlando, TC 9.9 discussed one area where we must help to align our industry. Previously TC 9.9 has not provided definitions for ITE and locations where it is housed. It is essential that we do this to meet our mission "To be recognized by ALL areas of the datacom industry as the unbiased engineering leader in HVAC and an effective provider of technical information for the datacom industry."

It is important for data centers to be excluded from codes written for human occupancy. Even an IT server rack does NOT fit human occupancy codes. Racks that belong in human occupancy codes are ones supporting building services such as fire, security, HVAC, audio / video, etc. These racks are typically far less than 2 KW per rack. There might be occasional exceptions but those are minor compared to human occupancy codes requiring economizers on 2 KW IT server racks.

TC 9.9 has approved the following definitions for use by those needing to quantify data center related terms. Please consider them as the position of TC 9.9 as we move forward in developing standards, codes and general communications for our industry.

1) Data Center: A room or building, or portions thereof, with one or more ITE enclosures greater than 2 KW.
2) Information Technology Equipment (ITE): Computers, data storage, servers and network / communication equipment.
3) ITE Enclosure: A rack, cabinet, or chassis that is designed to mount ITE.


ASHRAE TC 9.9 Presentations

Past presentations given at the ASHRAE annual and winter meetings are now available.  They can be found on the Documents page under the 'Other Publications' section.



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