Mission Critical Facilities, Data Centers, Technology Spaces and Electronic Equipment
ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.9


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Upcoming TC Meetings

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Location: St. Louis - America’s Convention Center Complex  
Sunday, 6/26/2016  Room
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM - Programs, Handbook and Research 225
Monday, 6/27/2016  
2:15 PM - 6:30 PM - Main Committee


Sponsoring: Seminar 58: Improved Modeling Characteristics of a Data Center without Compromising Physics or Breaking The Bank  


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Committee Chair

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Robin Steinbrecher TC0909@ashrae.net

Committee Scope

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TC 9.9 is concerned with all aspects of mission critical facilities, technology spaces, and electronic equipment/systems.


Upcoming Society Conferences

2016 Annual Conference
June 25 - 29, 2016
St. Louis, Missouri

2017 Winter Conference
Jan. 28 - Feb. 1, 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada

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Latest News

If you would like to get involved in this TC's issues at the Society level, read through the pages of this site, attend the biannual meetings, or contact our committee chair at tc0909@ashrae.net.


The paper, “Data Center Power Equipment Thermal Guidelines and Best Practices” contains an overview of data center power distribution and how changes in the data center thermal environment can affect power distribution equipment.  The paper includes recommendations on how to improve power equipment thermal compatibility with IT equipment particularly where power equipment shares the same physical space and air stream as IT equipment.



The 4th ISC Public Review of BSR/ASHRAE Standard 90.4 is now open.  The public review runs from April 29, 2016 to May 29, 2016.  This ISC draft revises the definition of incoming electrical service point, corrects equations in Section, revises Tables and, adds verification of equipment efficiencies to Sections 6 and 8, corrects equations, revises Section 11.3 and updates references in Section 12.  The link to the standard can be found here: https://osr.ashrae.org/default.aspx.



As committed at the Orlando meeting, the overview presentation for TC 9.9 has been updated and is now available on this site.  This overview can be used by members to understand what TC 9.9 does and the resources available from TC 9.9.  Please consider this as ASHRAE’s material and always follow appropriate use considerations.



An error was discovered in the latest edition of the ‘Thermal Guidelines’ book. ASHRAE has produced the attached errata and it can be downloaded by everyone from the following webpage (You do not have to have purchased the book to download the errata page.)


 Please check out this errata which addresses the humidity levels for all ASHRAE air classes.  Anyone can print out the material and insert it into their copy of the Thermal Guidelines book.  The PDF will not be updated until the next reprint which may take some time.


Both Standard 90.1 Addendum CZ and Standard 90.4P are now open for comment until March 14th at the ASHRAE website.  We encourage you to submit your comments to ASHRAE using their website entry system.  If you have not already signed up to be able to comment please visit this link: https://ashrae.org/standards-research--technology/public-review-drafts to sign up and to understand the process.  The link to the standards that are open for review can be found here: https://osr.ashrae.org/default.aspx.  It is critical that you read the "Instructions for Commenters" document and follow the process to ensure that your comments are considered. 


TC 9.9 is recognized as a leader in driving the data center environmental knowledge and best practices in the industry. At the ASHRAE Annual Meeting in Orlando, TC 9.9 discussed one area where we must help to align our industry. Previously TC 9.9 has not provided definitions for ITE and locations where it is housed. It is essential that we do this to meet our mission "To be recognized by ALL areas of the datacom industry as the unbiased engineering leader in HVAC and an effective provider of technical information for the datacom industry."

It is important for data centers to be excluded from codes written for human occupancy. Even an IT server rack does NOT fit human occupancy codes. Racks that belong in human occupancy codes are ones supporting building services such as fire, security, HVAC, audio / video, etc. These racks are typically far less than 2 KW per rack. There might be occasional exceptions but those are minor compared to human occupancy codes requiring economizers on 2 KW IT server racks.

TC 9.9 has approved the following definitions for use by those needing to quantify data center related terms. Please consider them as the position of TC 9.9 as we move forward in developing standards, codes and general communications for our industry.

1) Data Center: A room or building, or portions thereof, with one or more ITE enclosures greater than 2 KW.
2) Information Technology Equipment (ITE): Computers, data storage, servers and network / communication equipment.
3) ITE Enclosure: A rack, cabinet, or chassis that is designed to mount ITE.


February 13 Heading
2017 Las Vegas ASHRAE Annual Meeting:

  • March 14th - Abstracts for conference papers
  • April 18th - Technical papers
  • July 6th - Conference papers
  • August 8th - Seminars, forums and workshop entries

Contact Nick Gangemi (n.gangemi@northernairtech.com) for more information or to coordinate submissions.

New Whitepapers

Data Center Storage Equipment - Thermal Guidelines, Issues and Best Practices

This paper defines thermal guidelines best practices for storage equipment. The intended audience is both storage hardware designers and storage equipment users. The thermal guidelines were written by a team of storage subject matter experts from many different companies and the recommendations are industry-wide best practices which are agnostic of the point of view of any one company.

Clarification to ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines

There has been some confusion of ASHRAE's definition in the Thermal Guideline Datacom Book of the Temperature Rate of Change specified in the table for Equipment Environmental Specifications for Air Cooling. This addendum helps describe in detail examples of air inlet that are either non-compliant or compliant to ASHRAE's temperature rate of change requirements for data centers.

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